Monday, November 8, 2010

Some New Stuff

Here are links to some new work of mine if you're interested. In Kenyon Review Online, I have an essay/poem in syllabics on collective paranoia. The poem talks about the American tendency toward hyper-fear—and the excessive attempts to counteract any harm be it on a political scale down to a small scale such as knowing exactly what to eat to prevent cancer, exactly how to prune one’s hedges to thwart thieves, etc. And the footnotes almost serve as a paranoid voice commenting on the poem. Also, I have a new poem in Waccamaw that is a short character poem. And fellow poet-pal Stephanie Kartalopoulos has a poem in there, too, that’s a great read. And here’s an interview I conducted with novelist, poet, and memoirist Marge Piercy in Chapter 16. There's also a new interview with Loretta Lynn by Margaret Renkl up there now--and who can pass up hearing from Loretta?


  1. Such good stuff, C. Thanks for sharing! Coincidence? I'd just read the poems in the new Waccamaw yesterday, admiring you and Steph and the rest. Also coincidence? I just drafted a poem with annotations/footnotes. Are you my "sister from a different mister"? (My students just taught me this as the flip side to "brother from a different mother." How slow am I?)

  2. Interesting piece, I've read through it several times. Strangely, I find your own comments on your poem far off the mark, but (and this is an insult) being in academia will twist most people.
    Some of the observations are a little too forced from the narrative, but that is a difficult problem to over come. Remember your own advice:

    It is quite tempting to write about the world in terms of dewy spider webs, deserted parking lots, and butterscotch-scented trees with the poet looking outward and turning these observations into moments of wisdom, meaning, and/or beauty

    The ending sentence of "Essay on Collective Paranoia" is actually a great example of how to avoid this problem. Although the Charon reference right before is out of place, awkward, and distracts from the otherwise paranoia-inducing image, the final bit, both literal and metaphoric, is fantastic. I want to dig into this line more but am (just a tad) worried (distrustful) that the efforts won't be rewarding given the looseness throughout the piece. Overall very engaging despite how problematic it is -- I feel that you have an amazing talent but are in great danger of spoiling it.

    I suspect we are teasing through a lot of similar reflections in our respective work at the moment. If you gave me a little of your time it would be appreciated. But either way, good luck in the future and thanks for the engaging writing.

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